Brink Review : My 1st Impressions

11 May
Brink Review : My 1st Impressions

After over a year of hearing about Brink the day finally came where I can give this game a Go! I cleared my evening from any home duties kissed the kids goodnight early and off I went to the world of Brink. I’m not going to go over the story line or any back story. This review is game play only!

Brink makes you pick sides right away after a very brief introduction to the story (I picked Security / Save the Arc). It took me to a very quick cut scene on my side of the story followed with the customizing screen. I was a little disappointed in the lack of “Faces” to choose from but the customizing of everything else was cool. With many things to unlock to make your character look cool or bad ass they give you enough to get started and then look forward to unlocking. I was happy to see that they let you customize both sides (security & resistance). Which means if you finish or want to start playing the game on the other side or if you play online and get thrown on the security/ resistance side your character is ready to go. Each side security or resistance have different items to unlock as far as customizing is concerned. Which might give you more reason to want to play on both sides.

Weapons also have some customizing of their own. The weapons menu is separate from the characters and provides you with a 180 view of the gun (might be 360 view , I can’t recall at the moment sorry). They start you off with a nice amount of weapons but almost no attachments. Here you can pick what will be your default primary and secondary weapon. Later after unlocking certain attachments or perks you can go back and add these features to your weapons or perks to your classes. In the main menu you pick which will be your default class to start your games which you can easily change in the course of the game to fit the teams needs.

Online Multiplayer is set to deliver a true team based game and I feel it delivers that well. Each team starts of at their command post where you can change your class if you want to. When doing so you can see how many of your teammates are in each class so you can choose the class that might help the team the best. All your objectives are displayed on screen with the distance that you are from them. Depending on the class determines what you will be doing in the game and completing objectives are worth more points then single kills. Looking for Kill streaks? You wont find any here but you do have the ability to heal, supply ammo and buff up your teams weapon damage depending on your class. Going “lone wolf” just doesn’t seem to be beneficial as at the end of every match there isn’t any records of how many kills / deaths you’ve done. The ranking after the match are based on how many points you got thru the game. So the only show boating your going to get is if you actually do some team work.

Movement online is smooth as promised and with the S.M.A.RT. button its easy to go from one location to the next. Using your gun and aiming down the sights felt like any other FPS including having recoil. The use of grenades and the ability to cook them was normal and effective. An interesting feature regarding grenades is after a period of time your grenade meter will refill and you will be able to use them again after you ran out. A problem I had when it came down to ammo was that at times I would run out on both my primary and secondary weapons. Now normally I would look to find a weapon on the floor or next to a down player but to my surprise i was not able to do so. This is where team work comes to play and failed 7 out of 10 times. When running out of ammo the Soldier class is suppose to supply his teammates with ammo since his ammo is unlimited. The Soldier class as well as Medic class are notified when a fellow teammate is out of ammo or in need of medical. So at times I found myself running around with no ammo or laying on the floor waiting for a medic.

Brink’s Missions seem to be random rather than choosing a style of play. One game we are kid napping (or trying to capture back) a hostage and next mission setting a bomb (or trying to defuse ). You can vote for which of the 8 maps you can play in. During the missions you will find yourself continually going after or protecting your objective which on some level brings some receptiveness. Some players might find this frustrating I found it challenging and welcomed the change from random running around. More often then not I felt part of a team trying to get something done and I think that is what Brink was aiming for.

In my hours of play I notice some lagging, some bad enough that I had to exit the game. ( I understand they are working on a patch and already released one for PC) Only a few times have I lost connection which was quickly reconnected by merging host ( like we haven’t seen that in every FPS). Worried about sniping or campers? In the time I played I was only killed a few times without knowing where it came from. Because of the no kill cam it was hard to find or even go after a certain player sniping! The only camping I noticed was players trying to hold down a objective and that is hardly called camping. Worried about “Spawn Killing” ? Brink has you covered! How about a ground gun turrent located by your teams respawn that can’t be destroyed!

When playing Brink 8 out of 10 times I feel like I’m part of a team. At the end of the day it’s still about who’s playing on your team. When trying to connect to friends there seemed to be some connection issues as there is no lobby to join. This jump in and jump out of games may not be the best method for clans or a large group of friends. An interesting twist is that every mode you play in gets you XP towards your rank. Campaign , Challenge mode or Freeplay mode all get you XP towards ranking up and get unlocks. All game modes can be played with your friends and earn XP together.

Overall this game packs a few good punches mostly on the on the online team work side. Being able to talk to your friends and pick classes that suit you and your team is great. If you are planning to play this game solo or just for campaign you might find Brink to be a little lacking. This game is certainly not for your average hardcore / lone wolf FPS fan. I give this game 7 out of 10 or a 3 1/2 stars out of 5. The lack of player lobbies and a very poor campaign give it a lower score. But it’s original format for team work and awarding team work makes it a win and refreshing change.

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  1. Jason Long

    May 14, 2011 at 8:03 pm

    Nice work!


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