White iPhone 4 Shipping to US Stores April 27th ?

24 Apr

I’ve been trying not to entertain the infamous Apple White Unicorn aka the White iPhone but after 10 months since the release of the iPhone 4 It could be on it’s way. Multiple sources have received inside tips and photos that we can see the white iPhone as soon as this Wednesday April 27th. This year we have seen Apple a little out of character by allowing Verizon to sell the iPhone 4 in February instead of waiting for a June release for the iPhone 5. If you ask me this puts a interesting spin on the iPhone 5 release. If they decided to release a iPhone 5 in June which would be right on schedule with previous years it would most likely upset a lot of Verizon users. Verizon users would not be available for a full upgrade for some time being that they just bought the iPhone 4 in February.

Could releasing the White iPhone 4 this late in the game be a sign that the iPhone 5 will be delayed to later this year if at all? Could the iPhone 5 just be a minor upgrade like the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS? Are any one of you planning on getting the White iPhone? Is there anyone out there that is still waiting for the white iPhone?

Here’s a article from the guys over at

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