Crysis 2 my First Impressions.

23 Mar
Crysis 2 my First Impressions.

First sorry for not posting anything yesterday. Very busy day and spent the evening getting my gaming on with Crysis 2!

I spent a solid 3 hours on this game yesterday and the results are good. I played about 2 hours of online play and a hour or more on the campaign mode. Let’s start off with what everyone wants to know… The Multiplayer.

Multiplayer :

I started off by taking a look at my classes and seeing what I was able to customize. Granted I pre-ordered which gave me a early chance to create my own class with a few unlocked perks. Even with a few unlocks there was much I wasn’t able to access right away but gave me a idea of what’s to come. For you heavy COD guys you might find the weapons section a little light but there was enough to play around with. When I attempted to start a match (Team Death Match) it did take a little longer then I would have liked and resulted in me bring put unto a empty room. A few seconds later the players started rolling in and we were good to go!

The very first thing I noticed is how smoothly it was to move around. I didn’t feel heavy or slow at all. Jumping around was of course overly dramatic but this is a future based game and you are using a “Nano” suit. The jumping and the very easy way to climb over a obstacle was very welcomed. The layout of the controller (Xbox) was very similar to that of Call of Duty. Except for the RB button being invisibility and the double tap the Y button and press trigger to throw a grenade. A few other things like run and slide and being able to do a “Air Stomp” were present but again wasn’t annoying and was welcomed. Shooting and aiming were that of any FPS, although a game based on the future I hadn’t seen any futuristic guns or “lasers” which is good. I’m not a Halo fan and that’s what I was hoping this wasn’t and it’s Not. How were the players while I was playing this game? Normal for the most part. There was snipers and guys running around invisible, even a couple of guys sending out holographic clones of themselves. But I was able to do the same. It seemed pretty even and well balanced , there are kill cams and if you are paying attention you can see a players invisibility. None of the perks you get Nano suit wise last that long as they drain from your suit, so they can’t run around invisible all the time. The Nano suit also drains when running fast, jumping and climbing etc. The ability to access certain perks and weapon by press the “back” button (xbox) right in the middle of gameplay was a nice touch as well.

They added a little cool feature / objective to the game which is “Dog Tags”. Every player gets to customize their own Dog tags (sort of the way we do in COD with banners) When you kill a player their dog tag gets dropped on the ground for only the “killer” to see. It is now up to you to go retrieve it, good part is if you die before you retrieve it no problem because it will be there when you respawn. Dog tags give you special rewards and perks the more you retrieve. Graphically the game looked really good and was easy to play even with these new features. Crysis 2 has 12 multiplayer maps and 80 ranks to level up to. Giving this game much a lot to come back to.

Story / Campaign Mode :

The story mode starts out pretty much the way most FPS starts. You start off as a Marine soldier in a submarine which quickly turns for the worst. You find yourself having to escape with your fellow soldiers after a blast hits the submarine. Having partial control of your character you make your way to the top of the Hudson River in NYC. When you get there its not a pretty site as its not the New York City we all know. I don’t want to give away too much about the story, I’ll let you guys get into it. They do a good job slowly letting you know what the Nano suit can do as you progress in the game. Visually the graphics looked Great and the movement was smooth just like the multiplayer. Playing it on normal it seemed like the games “bad guys” actually had some AI. They took cover, moved around and i believe even spoke to each a little. The game didn’t feel to restricted which was good. I was even able to jump into a vehicle that I had recently killed a guy in. A fun little feature they have is being able to Kick a parked car right into a single or group of enemies and watch them fly (also a feature in Multiplayer) There are many other cool things the Nano suit can do that are explained through out the game. I looked forward to continuing the story mode this week.

In conclusion :

In conclusion I liked this game a lot. It has a very High Re-Play value for me. I’m sure I will still play COD but if a few friends pick this game up I could stay playing this for awhile. It took me some great effort to pull myself away from the multiplayer to start the campaign but once I did I was still very much entertained. The multiplayer has a fresh feel for a new FPS to keep players playing without going to futuristic on us. Graphics are good , gameplay feels good, maps are large and good. It’s a keeper!

Here’s what Reviewers are rating Crysis 2 (they all can’t be wrong) :

G4TV : 4/5
GameSpot : 8.5 /10
Xbox Mag : 9 / 10
GamePro : 4.5 / 5
IGN : 9.0 / 10
PC Gamers : 89 / 100
GameTrailers : 9.1 / 10

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