Crysis 2 Hits tomorrow. I’m in!

21 Mar
Crysis 2 Hits tomorrow. I’m in!

Ok so I made a last minute decision and some last minute trade in’s at my local GameStop and Pre-ordered the much talked about Crysis 2. Now I really don’t have much info on this game and I could just add a link on some review. But I rather hear from you guys. With less then 2 hours before the midnight release what are your thoughts? Have you guys pre-ordered? Will you guys be getting this game after the reviews are in?

I will say this , the Graphics look awesome and some of the new features are bringing a real futuristic feel to the game. Campaign is rumored to be 10 hours long and multiplayer is up to 12 players online with rather large maps. Crysis 1 was a PC only game that got great reviews. I will be going in on this game after work tomorrow so check back here shortly for my review.

Crysis 2 to release 3/22/2011 for PS3 , XBOX and the PC

Here’s the latest video (4 days ago) :

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