AT&T Buys T-Mobile!

20 Mar
AT&T Buys T-Mobile!

AT&T in a official announcement today said they would be buying T-Mobile. I first got word from my Twitter timeline with this tweet from AT&T “AT&T to acquire T-Mobile USA from Deutsche Telekom, read more here: ” Twitter quickly started to go crazy with this announcement. AT&T had Purchased T-Mobile for $39 Billion.
What will this mean for their customers? Better yet does this mean we can see the iPhone in T-Mobile’s future here in the US. With AT&T acquiring T-Mobile that makes them the Largest GSM carrier in the US. For a deeper read into this here’s a article from Business Insider

Give us your thoughts. Are you with T-Mobile and if so would you buy the iPhone if T-Mobile gets it? AT&T users how does this news affect you? AT&T and T-Mobile users how do you feel this will effect your wireless and data service? Verizon iPhone users would you consider switching over?

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