Noteworthy iPad 2 Cases.

19 Mar
Noteworthy iPad 2 Cases.

The iPad 2 has been out for a week now and if your like me you were left with out many options for a case or protection. Now as beautiful as the iPad 2 design is and how much I love using it bare I also want to protect it. When Apple announced the release date of the iPad 2 it didn’t give much time for companies to come out with any products. This left new iPad 2 users with only two options , bare or smart cover. Now I’m not a fan of the Smart Cover in fact I dislike it but it’s all I have right now till something else comes out. While the Smart Cover has it’s uses and there is a small “cool” factor to it , it’s just not for me and it might not be for everyone. At $39 for a smart cover it’s just over priced and doesn’t have much use for me and it’s a little annoying to keep on your iPad while using it.

What I wanted to do is give you guys a few Noteworthy sites / companies that you might want to keep your eyes on for your next iPad 2 case.

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