Tablet Pricing Wars!

17 Mar
Tablet Pricing Wars!

Let the Tablet Pricing Wars begin. In Motorola’s latest efforts to compete with Apple’s New iPad 2 they have announced a Wifi only model of their latest tablet “Xoom” . Originally Motorola gave a pricing of $799 with no contract and $599 with a 2 year contract by Verizon for a WiFi + 3G model that released Feb. 24th. This WiFi only Xoom comes with 32G with no contract for $599 to be compared to Apple’s WiFi only 32G at the same price. Motorola’s WiFi only Xoom will hitting stores March 27th.
Can we expect other tablets this year to follow suit? Will this WiFi only Xoom per sway consumers to buy it over the iPad? Can the iPad 2’s 4-5 week ship date push consumers to give the Xoom a try? Or is it too late with Apple selling around 500,000 iPads in under a week?

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