HomeFront…. My First Impressions

16 Mar
HomeFront…. My First Impressions

Yesterday was Homefront’s Release Date and I was eager to get my hands on this game. First thing I decided to do was give the Multiplayer a go since most people were interested in that and wanted to know what I thought. I head over to the online multiplayer section to find out that the servers are down! I quickly head over to Twitter to see if they had announced any news. Sure enough the servers were down. On Twitter this is what we call a “#EpicFail”. Nothing else for me to do I head over to the Story Mode to give that a Go. Graphics looked great and I fell right in to the story mode. Controls were right out of the COD manual and nothing new to learn really. Within the 1st few minutes I had my hands on 3 different Weapons all offering different stuff. I played for about 1 hour and the campaign was looking Good to me. They really do a good job making you feel like you are apart of what’s happening. Giving you a chance to talk to people in the game and get a feel of what people are doing.

After an hour of play I start catching wind that people are getting connected to servers and are playing online. I quickly joined a friends session and got into a Team Death Match. Now i don’t want to do too much comparison with Call of Duty but it did seem much different. Respawning seemed more controlled then random, after every death I was giving the option of changing my weapons class and even respawning with a extra perk. When respawning the screen turns into a birds eye view of the map giving away EVERONES (your team and opposing) location. Which in a way was good because you knew what location to start heading to. The maps were very urban and provided many places to go in and out of, even on top of roofs of buildings and houses. Kill cams were done much different then Call of Duty, instead of replaying your death HomeFront zooms in or gives away the location of your killer and even follows him for a few seconds showing where he might be going. When a player set off a UAV scan it was very helpful as it showed where the opposing team was by displaying a red diamond shaped icon on each player right on the screen. Moving around in the game seemed fast while jumping and climbing was done with ease. Having the Battle Commander feature call in a primary threats and becoming a primary threat was a nice touch to the battle and gave a extra objective to the game. The opposing team calling in tanks , drones, planes etc. didn’t seem to bother much as there are buildings and places to cover all over the map. Although there are many times where you do feel the effects of a tank or plane attacking from inside a house or building.

Bottom line I only played for a few hours and I’m not the best player but the replay factor is there. I wasn’t blown away and I can’t say its “Better” than Call of Duty. But I respect that HomeFront isn’t trying to be COD and has done things different to make sure of that. I look forward to playing more tonight and hopefully have some friends pick up the title to have more fun. If we continue to compare games to COD I’m not sure if we are ever going to give another shooter a chance. This is a different feel overall, but will it keep its replay value? Only time will tell.

Have you guys got the game yet? How do you like it? Leave a comment let me know what you think! Thanx for reading.


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2 responses to “HomeFront…. My First Impressions

  1. Trane132

    March 16, 2011 at 11:58 am

    To me the multiplayer of homefront felt like i was somewhat playing BAD COMPANY, online.
    The campaign was ok, fast pace and i little glitchy. Like The shooting walking on top of people and even throwing a granade . The graphic were good 1080p on xbox 360, 720 on ps3. Overall is ok so far. we can’t always compare all the shooting games to COD. Infinity ward and treyarch have master developing this games that other game developers should take notes.

    • imadnews

      March 16, 2011 at 12:49 pm

      Well said i for one never played Bad Company but i think this game was done well. its a different game and has to be looked at that way. like i said before it has good replay value and should be fun with friends playing with you. i felt more at war in HomeFront then i do on Call of Duty.


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