48 Hours With my iPad 2

13 Mar
48 Hours With my iPad 2

It’s been 48hrs since I first powered on my iPad 2 and it hasn’t left my hands since. In fact my iPhone 4 has been treated like a step-child that nobody wants. If you know me you know I love and stand by my iPhone and take great pleasure using it. Some people have knocked me for wanting a iPad and others mostly Apple lovers or other iPad owners have giving me the thumbs up. Some people say the iPad is a oversized iPhone or iPod and they couldn’t be more wrong. When the iPad was first announced Steve Jobs in a interview had said that the iOS was originally designed for the iPad before the iPhone was designed. I can now clearly see why he said that, this iPad is simply beautiful.
Websites, apps & games just look so much better and more alive. I’ve been using my iPad for Twitter and Blogging since I fired this bad boy up and haven’t thought about picking up my iPhone. Now I can’t argue with saying that this is a laptop or PC replacement for most, but it is for me. If you don’t download much, burn movies or other PC stuff and your more of a web surfer, twitter & facebook user this might be for you! I’ve had a few friends come over and see the iPad 2 and they simply loved it.

My Pros:
The A5 chip in the iPad 2 is much faster and runs apps more smoothly than the A4 chip found in the iPhone 4. Battery life is great which is said to be a combo of the iPad’s actual battery and the way apps are now run the lastest iOS. The fact that some of my favorite apps were “Universal Apps” was a great plus as I was able to jump right into things. YouTube was just more of a pleasure to watch as well as Netflix than the iPhone. I also found a new app called Flipboard , if you have a iPad it’s a must have and it’s Free! Last is the HDMI connection which is a little pricey but it sure looks cool on my LCD TV. Watching YouTube videos thru my iPad onto my TV with friends over was worth the money.

My Cons:

Other sites and reviewers have down played the iPad’s rear camera. And I have to say they are right, taking still shots even under good lighting isn’t up to par compared to the iPhone 4 camera. Taking video resulted in better results but I still prefer the iPhone 4. The smart cover is annoying (granted it’s not a mandatory purchase) and I can’t use it while I’m using the device. For what it does it’s not worth the money. Only thing I like is the sleep and wake feature as you don’t have to press the home button then slide to wake up the iPad. As a stand… It’s not a big deal! The other Con I have is how long it takes to charge the iPad 2 but on the flip side if the battery is going to last 10 hours then I can deal with it.

Bottom Line :

I love my iPad 2 and I’ll be using it when I’m home instead of my iPhone. Is this a must have have device? Of course not but if your a Apple lover it’s hard to resist. I’m a happy camper and I can’t wait to see what the next iOS will bring to both the iPhone and iPad 2!


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2 responses to “48 Hours With my iPad 2

  1. keptcha

    March 13, 2011 at 9:55 pm

    Wow, how will you live without it once you leave the house?? Lol

    • imadnews

      March 13, 2011 at 10:54 pm

      Well, I won’t know till Tuesday! lol


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