iPad 2 Release Day!

12 Mar
iPad 2 Release Day!

Today the iPad 2 released today at 5pm local time. I was one of the people waiting on those long lines. I arrived at the Apple store on 14th Street NYC at about 12:30 pm and after Apple employees did a head count I was number 116 ! Shortly after that the line really started to grow, the line stretched down 3 Manhattan blocks with about 500 or so people waiting. Apple employees were nice and offered bottles of water and were very hopeful. Being 116 out of 500 people I was feeling really good about my chances to get my hands on the iPad 2.
At 5pm the Doors open and the crowd screams of joy! The line moves very fast and I was in the apple store in about 20 minutes. When we walked thru the doors all the Apple employees cheer , clap and high five customers. I enjoyed that after being outside for about 5 hours. After a short line inside the store I was greeted by a Apple employee and was taken care of. I type to you guys now right from my iPad 2 and love it so far! Here’s a few photos from today:

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One response to “iPad 2 Release Day!

  1. Puffy

    March 12, 2011 at 2:16 am

    Sounds like another great apple experience to me . I love the way they treat you it’s Awsome


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